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WINDOWS 8 / 8.1

Confused by Windows 8 / 8.1? Many people are.

SLM Computer Training can help.

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About Group Based Facilitation

Group based training is both our most popular and most cost effective option. All you need is some space such as a Board Room / Meeting Room where Computers / Laptops can be set up.

Class Sizes

Our delivery style hinges on being able to provide personalised attention to our participants. This is simply not possible with large groups.

For this reason SLM Computer Training recommends a group size no larger than 10 participants per session at the maximum. A group of 6-8 participants per session is an ideal number to maximise training effectiveness.



On-Site Training Check List

To see if your venue is appropriate for SLM Computer Training to conduct on-site training, here is a simple check list to consider:


  • A room such as a boardroom/ meeting room with tables and chairs where computers and or laptops can be set up
  • Your staff must be able to log into these computers and laptops when set up in this room (Although desirable, Internet / network access will not be required for most courses)
  • The computers / laptops need to have a CD-ROM drive or USB port to allow the loading of training exercise files. If neither of these methods are possible then files can be loaded via Internet Download from our website or through a common drive on your network.
  • The correct software for the training session must be installed on the computers
    (SLM Computer Training does not provide software for the training sessions)
  • Facility to illustrate concepts such as a whiteboard, flip chart stand and paper or both


  • A data projector (ceiling mounted or portable) with a suitable wall or screen to project on (Particularly for graphical applications such as Photoshop / Dreamweaver etc)

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